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Coffee outdoor table and chairs in Irish cafes

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Coffee outdoor table and chairs in Irish cafes

Irish coffee legend is an intoxicating and sad love story, but do you know what the real story is like? The thing is that the bartender met a stewardess at Dublin Airport and fell in love at first sight. He thought she was as fragrant and mellow as Irish whiskey. But she always ordered different coffees with her mood and never ordered cocktails. The bartender was good at mixing cocktails. Eventually he came up with a way to combine Irish whiskey with coffee and named Irish coffee.

This story comes from a very old barista. One night many years ago, I went into an old-fashioned cafe. When I entered it, I found that there were old people in it. They would safely sit on the old coffee outdoor table and chairs. There were no other young people besides me. I immediately found a corner seat to sit down. After sitting down, I found that the coffee outdoor table and chairs matched the table very well. I took off my coat and shake off the rain which was still hanging, and hung it aside.

Irish coffee was invented in the middle of the nineteenth century, which is just a legendary saying. Actually, it appeared earlier. In fact, the bartender and stewardess named Joseph Sheridan knew each other at a very young age. They were Irish people. He always liked her very much. Once, when they were playing, he used his father's coffee beans, whiskey, sugar and butter. The first cup of Irish coffee was brewed.

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