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Choice of rattan sofa

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Choice of rattan sofa

Everyone is familiar with the sofa. It is an indispensable part of our life. We all know its function. In the sofa of rattan sofa, when we choose it, we find that there are many kinds of sofa. How do we choose to face many kinds of sofa? Here is a brief introduction, hoping to help you. Skills of purchasing rattan sofas:

1. Observe the rattan and distinguish the quality of the rattan. Old rattan with good quality has better hardness and flexibility than new rattan. Second, it is better to observe the evenness of rattan carefully. Generally, the rattan with uniform thickness and color is better. Then see if there are spots, discoloration, cracks and moth marks on the surface of the rattan. Generally, the rattan with good elasticity and no fracture is better.

2. Can use both hands to grasp the edge of rattan sofa, gently shake it, feel whether the overall framework is stable, and wipe it with the palm on the furniture surface once, if it feels smooth, it is better.

3. Generally, the price of the sofa made of tendrils will be relatively low, because the tenacity of the sofa made of tendrils is poor, and the surface of the tendrils is easy to wrinkle and break, so it is recommended to buy the vine sofa made of old tendrils.

4. When choosing rattan sofa, we should carefully observe whether the weaving of sofa is uniform, whether the interface is properly handled, and whether the paint is uniform.

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