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Chinese style outdoor patio dining sets

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Chinese style outdoor patio dining sets

China Concept Series Furniture is based on Chinese traditional furniture, absorbs the artistic form and expression technique of traditional furniture, pursues Ming-style modelling, concise and smooth lines and meaningful charm, combines the fashionable style and craft means of modern furniture, and coordinates with the living environment and lifestyle of modern China, elaborately designs a series of furniture (including living room, dining room and sleeping room). Neo-classical furniture for study and study. In the past, the design of outdoor patio dining sets was more Western-style. With the development of the times, Chinese style outdoor patio dining sets have become more and more common.

The Chinese concept furniture of Chinese modern furniture style applies the excellent traditional essence of the Chinese nation to outdoor furniture, remoulds and integrates it with modern people's aesthetic standards, absorbs the points of traditional elements, combines the face of modern aesthetics, is concise and generous, and has the beautiful temperament of ancient charm. It combines Zen culture, Taoism culture, Confucianism culture, tea culture and porcelain culture. The idea of "transformation" endows furniture with cultural value and life taste.

Its flagship Chinese new classical solid wood series is a combination of Chinese classical furniture culture essence and modern fashion taste. It has both the elegant flavor of oriental classical culture and the personality and fashion taste of modern household life. The combination of the two will promote the theme of expression to the acme of art. However, cast aluminium and other materials can also design Chinese style outdoor patio dining sets, which have a very retro flavor.

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