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Chinese outdoor sectional has attracted much attention

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Chinese outdoor sectional has attracted much attention

Whether the new Ming Style of Nanhai Federal Group, Beijing Qumei 2004 series, Wujinmu series launched by Wenzhou Ober, or the new bedroom series launched by Shenzhen Youlian at the 11th International Famous Furniture Exhibition (Dongguan), all have won the favor of the dealers for their brand-new interpretation of solid wood. Among them, outdoor sectional has also attracted attention.

The more pure Chinese classical outdoor sectional is the mahogany furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. It is characterized by the complex carving of dragons and phoenixes and the deep color and lustre. This kind of furniture has been rarely used in modern people's life.

The improved Chinese classical furniture simplifies the complicated carving, usually only in the local carving. The improved Chinese classical furniture has made great breakthroughs in color: first, it introduces the concept of modern software furniture, cloth art and other concepts into the design, so that the color has a variety of breakthroughs; second, it gets rid of the relatively single color of pure classical as a whole, and chooses different colors to express in each part of furniture. But on the whole, although the improved Chinese classical outdoor sectional meets the ergonomic requirements in body shape and simplifies the complex design in the past, its whole frame shows the classical charm, so it belongs to the Chinese classical school in classification.

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