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Car accident due to overloading outdoor couch

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Car accident due to overloading outdoor couch

When a black Golden Cup van arrived at k36 + 400 Langfang direction of Langcang Expressway, the left rear wheel burst, and the vehicle subsequently collided with the right guardrail, resulting in serious damage to the front of the van, and the rear door turned upside down and deformed. Traffic police rushed to the scene to investigate and learned that the accident vehicle exceeded the scope of use - pulling wooden outdoor couch.

Because of the heavy wooden outdoor couch , tyre compression led to accidents. In order to save transportation costs, the owner did not consider clearly the load-bearing range that the car can bear. On the contrary, the development of things is not worth it!

As a result, the owner not only failed to deliver the outdoor couch to the guests in time, but also caused the sofa to be damaged in the story, and the head of the car has been disfigured! Fortunately, the owner was only slightly scratched and frightened, and there was no major obstacle.

Traffic police educated the owner of the car, and the CALL Trailer took the damaged car away, and the owner had to take responsibility for the consequences. It was inevitable to issue a ticket. However, after this incident, the car owners are afraid to overload the car in disorder no longer! After all, there is no second time in life. It's not worth taking risks to save that little cost.

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