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Attention to Selection and Purchase of patio sectional

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Attention to Selection and Purchase of patio sectional

Some of the high-grade outdoor furniture will be made of solid wood, such as patio sectional is the most choice of wood manufacturing. High-quality patio sectional can be used for many years, and look high-end atmosphere. So how should these solid wood furniture be chosen? Following is a brief introduction of the selection methods, I hope to help you all!

1. Look at the quality of paint on the surface of furniture

Water and fire are the worst fears of solid wood furniture. Fire needn't be said. As for fear of water, there is an old saying: dry millennium, wet millennium, dry and wet can't pass the New Year. It's about the fear of water in solid wood. Therefore, to carefully check whether the furniture has not been painted to the place, the key points: the top and bottom of the cabinet door panels, cabinet interior. Touch the paint surface by hand, whether there are burrs, bubbles and other phenomena.

2. Look at the details of furniture drawers

Drawers should be sturdy and tightened internally. It is advisable to open drawers, movable desktops, cabinet doors and other parts to ensure that they can be used freely and correctly connected. The bottom of drawer has a certain thickness, and the bottom of drawer is connected by grooves, not nails.

Summary: There are many ways to buy solid wood outdoor furniture, the most important of which is material selection. When signing a contract, you must ask the merchant to show the material of solid wood furniture.

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