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Attention to Maintenance of Outdoor Sofa Material

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Attention to Maintenance of Outdoor Sofa Material

Outdoor sofas need to be used and placed outdoors for a long time, so they need to maintain good maintenance, in order to protect outdoor furniture such as outdoor sofas and ensure long-term use. Good maintenance and maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of various furniture.

Different outdoor furniture has different maintenance methods. Here are some classifications of the most commonly used outdoor furniture maintenance methods of several materials on the market.

Cane outdoor sofa: Cane tables and chairs or reclining chairs are lighter and easy to move, so water and detergent can be used when cleaning these tables and chairs. Cleaning the dust of rattan furniture, in addition to gently wiping with a rag, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. When using rattan knitting furniture in peacetime, we should pay attention to the interface of rattan knitting, try not to expose the rattan knitting mouth, otherwise it is easy to bend and deform.

Sunshade awning umbrella: Most sunshade products are supported by iron tube and aluminium tube. In the process of installation, attention should be paid to handle lightly and avoid knocking or damage caused by excessive local force. At the same time, although the awning and sunumbrella are specially used for outdoor sunshade recreation, they are not really used for shelter from wind and rain. Therefore, they should be avoided as far as possible in stormy weather.

Plastic tables and chairs: Outdoor recreational tables and chairs made of plastic materials should be placed on the smooth ground or grass as far as possible to avoid rocking and tilting. The cleaning of plastic tables and chairs is very simple. It only needs to be wiped with ordinary detergent and washed with clean water. But plastic tables and chairs must avoid exposure to the sun, or they will fade and break.

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