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Application of outdoor chairs

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Application of outdoor chairs

There are roughly two types of outdoor leisure chairs according to their shape, namely, outdoor benches and outdoor chairs. In essence, there is no difference between the two, mainly because the length is different, so the design will change.

Benches are widely used outdoors in China, Japan and the Near Middle East. As a part of the building, the stool was set in the corridor at first. It has many purposes. It can not only sit and lie down, but also play chess for people. It can be considered that the bench is a movable board surface, emphasizing the horizontal shape, weakening the sense of visual repression, and changing the direction of sitting at will. When people sit together on a bench, their psychological state is different. Japan's "Green Platform" has the function of a stool, but its area is larger than that of a stool. Its emergence and development are related to the national culture of Japan. Even in modern big cities, such "green terraces" can still be seen in busy business districts.

Because sitting and taking a rest is more urgent and important than stopping and staying occasionally and briefly, its requirement should be paid more attention. Generally speaking, even if there is a seat requirement, people will only find a place to sit when the external conditions are suitable, so it is much more difficult to determine the seat position than to determine the stop position. The reasonable design and arrangement of outdoor chairs should be in line with the actual situation.

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