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An outdoor furniture sofa saved the little girl's life

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An outdoor furniture sofa saved the little girl's life

An outdoor furniture sofa saved her life. The 5-year-old girl fell from the 13th floor to the 3rd floor platform in the middle of the night and survived miraculously.

One morning, a little girl in an apartment in Thailand accidentally fell from her home on the 13th floor to the platform on the 3rd floor and climbed up to call for help.

Families who heard the news were shocked by the unexpected accidents and miracles of life in front of them.

When the doctor rescued the little girl, she kept shouting, "Mom, my stomach hurts." The girl's mother told the doctor that her daughter fell from her 13th floor and fell on the balcony on the 3rd floor. When she was found, she was sitting on an outdoor furniture sofa on the balcony of the third floor, without crying or saying anything.

The girl, Linlin (alias), is 5 years old and lives on the 13th floor of an apartment in Qinguo. At about 11:15 that evening, she went downstairs to pick up something not far away, and when she went out, she locked the door back, leaving Linlin alone.

Half an hour later, Linlin's mother came home and found that the door could not be opened. She called the unlocking workers. When she opened the door and entered the room, she found that Linlin was not in bed. The living room window was open. There was a chair beside the window, with two clear footprints on it.

Linlin's mother panicked and shouted Linlin, but did not respond. She went downstairs again and shouted, vaguely hearing Linlin's response upstairs: "Mom, I'm upstairs."

Sounds came from the platform on the third floor. Linlin is lying on an outdoor furniture sofa with a wound in her stomach and her intestines and stomach exposed.

From the 13th floor to the 3rd floor, there is a drop of 10 floors. It is a miracle to see a doctor when there is no death in a catastrophe.

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