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After the child fell off the rattan garden sofa

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After the child fell off the rattan garden sofa

It is common for a child to fall and fall while growing up. However, it is rare for a child to fall off a rattan garden sofa and cause coma. Djibouti, a 6-month-old Indian child, suffered from the accident shortly before. He was rushed to hospital and found massive intracranial hemorrhage. Doctors could only open the skull to save lives.

It is reported that Djibouti dived down from the rattan garden sofa at more than 9 o'clock, and his family did not find any change. But at 11 o'clock, his mother began to pay attention to his children when feeding, and his spirits were not good. So he took his children to the hospital to see him. Fortunately, he found out in time.

After the hospital examination, the decision of craniotomy was made. Because the pupil of the child had been enlarged and the time was pressing, the family members and doctors of the patient immediately decided to carry out emergency operation in the hospital. Faced with such a city's lowest age of craniotomy, the relevant department experts in the hospital came together to "support". Neonatologists are responsible for gastric intubation, urologists for urinary intubation, and anesthesiologists for proportioning anesthetic doses. Although a lot of preparations were made before the operation, Lu Hua and Fang Yongfeng, the chief knife doctors, still had a heart suspended during the operation. After opening the skull every day, they saw the transverse fracture of the skull and temporal bone of the child. After opening the bone flap, they found that it was middle dural artery hemorrhage, about 70 ml. Fortunately, the final operation went smoothly, and little Buji was out of danger.

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