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Adding outdoor dining chairs in Greenway Construction

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Adding outdoor dining chairs in Greenway Construction

CCTV News Broadcast has made a special report on Chengdu's building of a beautiful livable Park city. The report lasts up to 2 minutes and 41 seconds. It covers the construction plan of Chengdu Greenway, the changes brought by Chengdu Greenway to surrounding towns and the welfare of people's lives. Among them, special mention was made of the 6th time-limited bird watching competition held in Jincheng Green Road Jincheng Lake District on the morning of March 31.

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According to the report, since 2017, Chengdu has planned to promote the construction of Tianfu Greenway at the regional, urban and community levels. Chengdu proposed that we should not only take ecological value into account, but also transform economic value. Jiangjiayiyuan of Jincheng Greenway has precisely implanted theme formats such as children's paradise, RV campsite and exquisite farmland, transforming green "resources" into "assets" and forming a new business model of greenway. In the construction of greenway, it is necessary to add and configure outdoor dining chairs properly.

Greenway "business" is benefiting people along the route. 300 kilometers of "pastoral greenway" and 9630 kilometers of community-level greenway will connect 22 districts (cities) and counties around Chengdu in series. Pineapple Village in Jiajiazhen, Jiayang City, Chengdu, was a hollow village lacking collective economy a few years ago. Now, relying on Greenway Construction to develop Flower-Watching economy, it has become a "fragrant baboon" for tourists. The flower and fruit industry is flourishing, and the countryside is also popular. Outdoor dining chairs are reasonably equipped.

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