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A man rubbed his feet in an rattan armchair on the high-speed rail

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A man rubbed his feet in an rattan armchair on the high-speed rail

Mr. Li told me that it was a very beautiful morning to take the high-speed railway from Suzhou to Yiwu, Zhejiang, the other day, but a man in the back seat really disgusted me.

The man took off his shoes and socks, put his feet on the rattan armchair seat in front of him, and rubbed his feet constantly. Mr. Li is the passenger sitting in the front seat of the foot rubbing man. Mr. Li began to protest in a euphemistic and implicit way by adjusting his rattan armchair. It was no surprise that the "foot rubber" ignored him. So, Mr. Li suddenly got angry and stood up and shouted at him twice. The man in the back seat didn't say a word and put his feet away obediently. Maybe it's because there are fewer roars and fewer glares, which makes it more ugly and bad. So far, in the face of right and wrong, if necessary, please shout, shout, roar!

Mr. Li said, "I'm on the high-speed railway from Suzhou to Yiwu. It's a good seat. It's close to the window. I'm sitting in a comfortable rattan armchair. If nothing happens and I think about it, everything would be better if I didn't have the man in the back seat who put his foot on the rattan armchair of my seat." After the incident with the "foot rubbing man" because of the sudden incident, the other passengers on the bus are all surprised, one after another to us, but did not say anything. Many times, we are on the edge of right and wrong, running away, doing wrong, in fact, there is no one to roar, a glare, give it a bang to drink.

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